Sunday, 6 January 2013

Yorkshire born artist Mick Marston at Harvey Nichols

Mick Marston at Harvey Nichols

Yorkshire born artist, Mick Marston, has illustrated for clients including Atlantic Records, Vodafone, The Guardian and Penguin Books, however his latest work was born out of a desire to satisfy his own creative urges and to buck the trend of bland commercial illustration. See for yourself, as it’s on display now at Harvey Nichols, Leeds.
“Primarily the result of the current economic climate – not particularly in terms of imagery or subject matter but more in the fact that I’ve had time on my hands”, is how Mick describes his recent exhibition. “As I’m an illustrator, an unashamed commercial artist, what does an illustrator do when the commissions stop coming in? After all the first things to disappear in a recession are inventive advertising and bespoke images.”
But it’s not stopped Mick’s creative juices flowing.
Mick Marston’s current exhibition showcases a series of screen prints drawing upon fragmented memories, thoughts, impulsive snippets of both useful and useless information, stories, other people’s pictures, environmental concerns, songs and euphemisms.
Visit Mick Marston’s latest work at…….

Harvey Nichols
Fourth Floor Café & Bar
The Victoria Quarter, Leeds, LS1 6AZ
T: 0113 204 8000 (extn. 5544)