Monday, 28 January 2013

Opposite Attraction

Opposite Attraction
Since opening in VQ in 2009, Opposite Cafe has continued to make a name for itself for healthy, homemade food and coffee. With a record of success at the Northern Barista Championships, including a third place last year for manager Howard Barwick, Opposite are now regarded as one of the top coffee bars in the country.
Nor is this simply a matter of personal taste as, in addition to being named in The Guardian’s list of top 10 Coffee Bars, Opposite have recently been featured in The Independent’s list of the Top 50 Coffee Shops in the UK.
According to Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, the UK Barista champion and owner of Colonna & Smalls, “This tiny unit in the Victoria Quarter was set up to explore speciality coffee, with the food and usual cafe offerings stripped right back so that it’s an exciting coffee experience.”
Opposite’s dedication to speciality coffees, including their own blends, makes it a Mecca for coffee devotees and ensures its reputation is well deserved.
Owner, Louisa Henry said, “VQ is the perfect setting for us, with customers who appreciate good quality in food and drink – something we've always strived to achieve.”
Lou sources beans from world renowned micro-roasters such as Square Mile Coffee and Has Bean, and the cafe also offers seasonal espressos - different blends of espresso beans from around the world depending on what greens are in season – as well as single origin coffee, really fair Fairtrade.
“We’re simply going to make the best coffee we can,” says Lou, “so that we do justice to the people who’ve grown it, farmed it and produced it.”
VQ Centre Director, John Bade added, “For a small independent such as Opposite to the plaudits of two national newspapers is a credit to Lou & her team. Opposite has developed a loyal customer base since they opened here, which I’m sure will continue to grow over coming years.”
Opposite Café
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