Thursday, 31 October 2013

Ted Baker opens newly refurbished Leeds store

Ted Baker opens newly refurbished #Leeds store
Ted Baker is excited to announce a full refurbishment of his successful Leeds store in the North East of England on 1st November 2013. The 3191 square foot new store design takes inspiration from both owls and wool. The fleece symbolises the historic wool industry throughout Leeds, whilst the owls are taken from the traditional Leeds coat of arms. Ted has combined both inspirations to create a patriotic and intriguing store concept.

The ground floor is divided into four rooms with archways into each area connecting the space. Two of the rooms are dressed with classical d├ęcor and house the menswear collections. Old portraits of local architects and dressmakers adorn the walls and their faces replaced with various breeds of owl. The remaining rooms house the Phormal collections, and to the ceiling is a large glass box filled with a life-size flocked sheep, wearing a hat and bow tie. Elastic looms weave through the different rooms, finally joining together on one wall to replicate the production line of cotton.

A traditional staircase leads customers to the first floor with ribbed glass laid onto deep blue & orange wallpaper. The first floor hosts the womenswear collections where on one wall is a large bookcase, which displays highlights of the women’s accessories collection. On the opposite wall, lenticular panels show owls in flight fluttering across the space. A backdrop of laser cut metal panels, cut to replicate large feathers with mirror and fabric infills and swags of fabric voiles run along the window, framing the decadent area. Oval tables with contrasting tops that appear to have been stitched together host the women’s luxurious accessory collections.

The glass top cash desk is filled with cotton reels of thread in various colours, drawing attention to this area of the store; the bottom half is divided into small pigeon holes, with each diagonal section filled with different items such as branded balls of wool and knitting needles. The surrounding wallpaper features knitting and crochet patterns and abstract feather shapes. Reupholstered machinist chairs feature as seating throughout the store, with spinning wheels, spools, owl statues and collections of branded buttons dress the eclectic space.

Awash with nostalgia and old-fashioned glamour, Ted’s Womenswear collection is a modern classic with a stylish palette of soft nudes and natural hues, deepened with rich chilli reds and lighter bottle greens. Whether you’re a man-about-town or a true country gent, Ted’s taken the express line to dapper and debonair for his Menswear collection. Mustards and muted teals sit alongside dark reds and purples to deliver an essential collection that puts the ‘aah’ into suave. For the perfect platform to leave a lasting impression, take the scenic route with Ted this AW13: striking colours, breath-taking prints and dramatic fabrics combine to create a stylishly modern collection designed to make you stop in your tracks.