Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Laurence Campbell at Paul Smith

Laurence Campbell at Paul Smith
Picture perfect at VQ’s Paul Smith store, as the current T-shirt and print designs by celebrated artist, Laurence Campbell, are now in!
Each of the special T-shirts priced at £49 comes with a free Laurence Campbell screen printed poster.
The creations are part of the Red Ear Collection, with inspiration for the name deriving from the Japanese translation for the term selvedge, which when translated to English becomes exactly that - Red Ear.
For autumn/winter ‘13 the Red Ear collection at Paul Smith, goes back to its Japanese roots. Taking inspiration from the book A Criminal Investigation - renowned Japanese photographer, Watabe Yukichi, focuses on a particularly gruesome and mysterious murder committed in the late 1950s. The clothes worn by the detectives in this book have heavily influenced the current collection, which includes exclusive prints by comic artist Laurence Campbell - who has produced work for 2000 AD, Image Comics and Marvel, using pencil and ink in his work.
So get on the case for some Campbell creations at…..

Paul Smith
17/19 King Edward Street,
Victoria Quarter,
T: 0113 245 0728