Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Portrait at Paul Smith

Portrait at Paul Smith
Capture the moment with Paul Smith’s new Portrait fragrance for men and women.
More than a decade after the launch of his first signature fragrance, 2013 sees the launch of Paul Smith’s most intimate and personal fragrances to date - Portrait For Men and Portrait For Women.
THE INSPIRATION – travel, photography, memories
‘A portrait is an attempt to capture the likeness of a person – to capture a moment’ .
Inspired by Paul Smith’s love of travel and passion for photography, Portrait is the result of a two year collaboration between the designer and new generation perfumer Barnabé Fillion. The result is an evocative snapshot of the designer’s travels, memories, passions and inspirations in the shape of two complex, sophisticated and multi-faceted fragrances - bursting with originality, authenticity and Paul Smith’s signature style.
Portrait For Men
A woody, spicy fragrance with a deep, sensual musky base, Portrait For Men is characterised by a distinctive Green Tea note, along with Cardamom, Pink Pepper, Cedarwood and a sweet, sensual balsamic facet thanks to Tolu Balm. “I played a lot with textures for the men’s fragrance, focusing on the quality of the ingredients and mixing spices from Paul’s travels abroad with old perfumery notes like Myrrh used in a modern way,” says Fillion. “I wanted it to have a ‘tailor made’ feel – like beautiful fabric touching the skin.”
Paul Smith Portrait For Men 40ml Eau de Toilette £39.00
Paul Smith Portrait For Men 80ml Eau de Toilette £59.00
Portrait For Women
A fresh, green floral fragrance, Portrait for Women is crisp, light and feminine with a spicy, fruity edge, powdery heart and a sensual musky dry down. “It’s a much more direct scent, painting a powerful picture of a garden full of Wild Roses - but Myrrh and Musk give it a twist, elegance and depth and the Black Tea reminds us of exotic travel,” explains Fillion. “It’s like a kaleidoscope of flowers, spices and old world perfume materials.”
Paul Smith Portrait For Women 40ml Eau de Parfum £45.00
Paul Smith Portrait For Women 80ml Eau de Parfum £69.00
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