Monday, 22 April 2013

The Compass Collection at Oliver Sweeney

The Compass Collection at Oliver Sweeney

Cycling is a huge part of Oliver Sweeney’s Cobbler-in-Chief's life. Not only is it a vital part of his daily routine but is has long been a fascination of his.
Inspired by the design, intricacies and technicality that goes into each bike frame, he was inspired to create a new, contemporary, casual range of footwear. 
The Materials
Oliver Sweeney went to two of the greatest tanneries in England and worked with them to produce fabulous leathers. They love the high oil content of the Stead leathers which pull-up beautifully yet recover in an instant.

The Construction
Throughout the construction process Oliver Sweeney insisted on having fantastic side stitched, casual sneakers, wanting where possible, for the shoes to not be overly-constructed and for the internals to be as clean from the seams as possible.

The Strap
The reinforcement patches on the toes are there for when you're using toe clips and straps. Oliver Sweeney also opted for a denim inspired triple row stitch instead of using the normal twin row stitching.

The Welt
When at the factory Oliver Sweeney noticed the shark's tooth like detail on the inside, so put it in the wrong way round and loved the result.

Oliver Sweeney had a lot of fun experimenting with various veg-tanned leathers to get it just right and absolutely love the results. With leathers that can only improve with age, denim inspired triple row stitching and shark's tooth like detailing, The Compass Collection is as unique as it is versatile.

Get on your bikes and step out in style at………

Oliver Sweeney
 38 – 40 County Arcade
 Victoria Quarter