Monday, 15 April 2013

Soul II Soul And Two Decades Of Style 'Classics Collection' at Harvey Nichols

Soul II Soul And Two Decades Of Style

Entrepreneur Jazzie B, OBE, is now a household name, but that status was never just due to Top Ten hits and best-selling albums. Along with creating the world-famous sound system Soul II Soul,

Jazzie also imagined a total look he labelled, the ‘Funki Dred’. This look continues to grow and change each season, infusing Jazzie’s every endeavour with its vibrant ethos.

Initially, Soul II Soul style incorporated iconic British names such as Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Nemeth and John Moore. But, with Jazzie’s instinct, the sound system soon created its own special and unique British identity. From the London football terraces to pirate radio stations, from classic British labels to fresh freestyle and dance-floors, Soul II Soul style spelled “now”. Since their beginnings, 25 years ago, Soul II Soul have always married beats with communication and Jazzie B’s aesthetic remains fully global. When he performs, he is an envoy of style as well as of sound.

The Classics Collection is designed around the rhythms of the dance and carries Soul II Soul’s original ideals.

The artwork is from the Soul II Soul archives and is raw, handmade and depicts the iconic Funki Dred image which illustrates the ‘do it yourself’ energy of those early sound system days.

This selection of t-shirts and casual separates, update urban style classics with contemporary shapes & modern fabrics, yet the craftsmanship and attention to detail remains.

“A happy face, a thumpin’ bass, for a lovin’ race.”

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