Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Oliver Sweeney-To a Tee!

Perhaps the most requested product in our history is finally here. The Oliver Sweeney golf shoe has been built upon our popular Custom Grade last; a classic shape associated with the British Gent and all that accompanies him. With a string of admirers of our formal footwear from the world of golf, such as Justin Rose and Ian Poulter, it seemed a natural step.
A Goodyear welted construction, the uppers are created from a high performance waterproof leather from the British tannery, Pittards; world renowned for their expertise in this area. Not to let the side, or the bottom down, we’ve partnered with world leaders in performance soles, Claytons of Chesterfield, and opted for the equally impressive TanFlex waterproof sole leather.  
And how do we know these all fit together to form a great golf shoe? Well, we know a few golfers who have done us the favour of giving them a go on the fairways, and they gave them the thumbs up for performance. We’ll let you judge their good looks.
And just in case you need any more convincing that these are the golf shoes for you, we added two sets of removable cleats; one dry, one wet. Unfortunately, we won’t be including a caddy in the shoe box. We’ve got to stop somewhere.