Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Red Roses Collection at Jo Malone

The essence of modern romance,
originally launched on Valentine’s Day, Red Roses is a voluptuous
blend of seven of the world’s most exquisite roses. With crushed violet leaves
and a hint of lemon, it’s surprisingly clean and sheer, unfolding like
a bouquet of freshly cut flowers.
Introducing a NEW addition to the collection, the Red Roses Fragrance Chronicle.™
A scented story of the Cologne and an invitation to customise its original character with an
exclusive trio of accords. Spritz and layer in the true spirit of Fragrance Combining™
for individual effects. A mist of radiant Sweet Lemon brings a tantalisingly touch of transparency.
Scarlet Velvet Rose enhances with heady richness. And the sensuality of Honeycomb
adds a nectar-like warmth. Complement. Contrast. Write your own story.
Surround yourself with the entire Red Roses collection.
Dip into sumptuous Bath Oil, Body & Hand Lotion and velvety Body Crème
and indulge in the latest additions – pampering Red Roses Body & Hand Wash and the
NEW Travel Candle, a perfectly portable version of the always-adored Home Candle.
So you can have roses wherever you go…