Friday, 27 January 2012

One Night Only Play It With Style

One Night Only Play It With Style

When it comes to music and style, hitting the right note is an art in itself - Elvis stepped out in blue suede shoes, Bolan boogied in a boa, Hendrix created Purple Haze, and Prince preened through his purple phase. 

Fast forward a few decades and North Yorkshire’s Indie band One Night Only are not only rocking the sound of a new generation but fashioning a look that’s a style of their own.

From vintage to VQ, there’s no style counselling needed.

Carolyn Nicoll caught up with the band’s George Craig (vocals/guitar) and brother James Craig (drums) on a musical route through modelling shoots, Michelsberg suits and must have boots…………

What are One Night Only up to at the moment?

J: We’re in and out of the studio working on our third album that’s set for release this summer, with a single due out in the spring, and we’re about to head off to Brazil for Fashion Week, we’re involved in a couple of shows out there.

G: The band’s also working with Burberry and we’re premiering our next single in the Burberry Aviator eyewear campaign, it’ll feature an acoustic version of the track.

I’m also involved with Clublad in London, every month we feature new bands and artists, and I DJ at the events. It’s a great way to support new musical talent.

And your future plans?

G&J:  We have a UK tour planned, starting in April.

You got your big fashion break through the band.

G: Designer and Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey saw the video for Just For Tonight and called me in. I tried on some suits and didn’t really know what was going on, but then I got a call to ask me to model for the brand. Talk about a big break. It opened so many doors and I’ve met some great people. Burberry’s a real part of my look and they’re so savvy when it comes to music, it’s brilliant to be part of it. The team at Burberry are all so friendly and funny. It was an amazing privilege.

You worked with Harry Potter actress Emma Watson on the Burberry s/s 2010 campaign?

G: Yes, we got to hang out together quite a bit that summer.

Emma appeared in the band’s ‘Say You Don’t Want It’ video from the second album One Night Only.

G: It was a lot of fun filmed in the fabulous city of New York, shot over 2 days, with just the one camera and jumping in and out of a van to get to different locations. It went down a storm on the internet. (Over 5 million views!)

You also got to work with legendary photographer Mario Testino on the Burberry campaign?

G: It was brilliant working with Mario Testino and he said that he liked working with me!!!!! It was such a special time on that shoot and the photographs that he took are amazing. I also did a couple of catwalk shows for Burberry and that was so scary. I’ve played on stage to over 50,000 people but the catwalk experience was completely nerve-racking.

Do you have any more plans to model?

G: One Night Only’s my main thing but I’m always more than happy to work with Burberry.

James do you fancy following in George’s modelling footsteps?
 J: (Laughs) I’m not sure I’ve got the face for it, but the whole band are involved in the latest Burberry shoot for their sunglasses range, so that’s brilliant news.

George, you were spotted at London Fashion Week. What did you get up to?

G: I probably went to more parties than actual shows. There were a lot of drinks served! Of course, I did go to the fantastic Burberry show.

London Fashion Week’s great, it’s an excellent opportunity to dress up and show ‘your wardrobe’. I think I might rock my James Michelsberg suit from Michelsberg Tailoring at the next fashion week!

Michelsberg Tailoring at The Victoria Quarter is a family favourite?

J: I was shopping with Mum at the VQ and we popped in to the Jeffery West store for some boots, the manager had on an amazing bright red waistcoat and it was like WOW!!!!! He told us that James Michelsberg had made it for him, so we had to nip around the corner immediately to chat to James about his tailoring.

G: We sent Dad to have a suit made for his birthday and it was so fabulous that James and I decided we had to have one too.

Describe your Michelsberg suits.

G: Mine is a wintry, fine wool material, with grey and white stripes, a little 60s gangster crossed with The Who’s Roger Daltrey look. The lining’s an acidic yellow silk. It’s soft, it’s slick and it’s cut close to the body, which is exactly as I wanted it. I love it!

J: I went for a fine, electric blue suit with black stitching and chocolate brown velvet detailing on the collar and cuffs. There’s a very thin, subtle brown velvet trim on the pockets and the lining is bright white, so a great contrast. It’s fantastic!

How did you find the tailoring experience?

G: I got involved with the design. James Michelsberg is a fantastic tailor, excellent at what he does with amazing attention to detail. I went to see him with some 60s rock ‘n’ roll reference photos. He’s so creative and the whole experience was such a pleasure. James’ is a really nice guy to be with.

J: I agree, it was brilliant getting involved with the design, chatting about the style, colours, textures, linings and fabrics, plus having something created that’s so well made, and exactly as we wanted. It was an incredible experience to see the progress of the process. James (Michelsberg) is such good company and we had a real laugh. James is a good friend now and he came along to our Leeds gig.

G: When I’m wealthy enough I’m going to go to Michelsberg Tailoring every 6 months to get a suit made!!!!

Where do you love to shop?

G & J: We try not to wear what everyone else is wearing, so vintage stores in Soho and Camden Market in London are great for some lovely pieces.

Where do you shop in Leeds?

G: Jeffery West at the VQ for their excellent boots and great service. I think if you buy quality it shows and Jeffery West boots are so well made, with so many unique designs. I love the detail. I have a brogue style pair of Chelsea boots and some with a purple snakeskin vibe. People are always really complimentary about them when I wear them.

J: I go to Harvey Nichols at The Victoria Quarter. I love mad shirts, anything with a really interesting pattern, something a bit different. Like George, Jeffery West is also a must for boots. I have a couple of pairs that I wear all the time, such slick designs that fit in with my style. I have a pair that are black and a striking red colour, unique and sassy. I like to get pieces from the Blue Rinse vintage store in the city as well.

Which designers do you like?

G: I love Burberry, as well as Alexander McQueen, and I like to pop into Liberty when I’m in London.

J: I REALLY love Paul Smith shirts. I can always find a crazy shirt that fits perfectly at the VQ store. I open my wardrobe and it’s always a Paul Smith shirt that I go for. They’re different.
How would you describe your style?
G: A bit 60s, a bit mod. I like things that have a tailored fit and are slick. Pieces that are sharp, sometimes quite dazzling and a bit loud. I like to look different. Skinny jeans are a big part of my wardrobe. My style is VERY BRITISH, I like the iconic trench coats and Chelsea boots. 

J: I have a thing for shirts that are a bit 60s psychedelic. It’s good to have a look that’s unique and I love to find a great vintage piece. As a band, we all wear Burberry black skinny jeans, but the top half is up to us and certainly reflects our individual tastes.

What’s been the best bit about being in One Night Only?

G: Doing gigs I never thought I’d do, having such amazing fans – people that we saw at gigs 6 years ago who are still coming along, they’re real music lovers, and the links to so many different things – working with Burberry, the Coca Cola campaign (2011), and visiting every continent.

J: Being with friends and doing a job that isn’t a job. Spending time in the studio’s great, but nothing compares to looking out and seeing the enjoyment on all the faces when playing live.

What would you get up to on a typical ‘free’ day?

G: Seeing friends, having a nice meal somewhere with a good bottle of red wine, going on the X Box, playing guitar, listening to records, normal things.

J: Having a laugh with friends, a meal and probably a few cocktails. I’m also really getting into good live comedy. I went to the Comedy Store recently, I loved it and want to see more.

What is your ultimate goal?

G: To release One Night Only’s next single, to have another top ten would be great, also to do an arena tour would be incredible……and to be a success in the USA!

J: To carry on, make amazing records and keep trying to make better albums. Everyone in the band has the same goal, to strive to make albums that are more progressive and even better than the one before. To keep building on what we’ve done. Some bands have a great first album and then blow it away, that’s it, they get worse. With One Night Only we feel as a band that we have the potential to grow and grow, and get better. I’m really excited about the new stuff we’re working on. It would also be great to play some big arenas.

How would you sum up your life at the moment?

G: Pretty sweet!

J: Exciting!