Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Work of Art at Michelsberg Tailoring

A Work of Art at Michelsberg Tailoring

Scabal’s ‘Dali Collection’ of stunning, quality cloth has arrived at the VQ’s Michelsberg Tailoring.

The material is inspired by 12 of the internationally renowned artist’s paintings that Scabal commissioned Salvador Dali to create for them back in 1971, to represent Dali’s view of man and fashion in the 21st century.

“Whilst studying fine art I acquired a taste for fashion”, purred Salvador Dali. “I wore the most elegant suits, a cultured pearl necklace, bracelets and silk shirts, which I have designed with puff sleeves that gave me a feminine look. The age of the dandy had begun, and for me it was never to end”.

The artist certainly knew his own style, when it came to cutting a dash.

 Although a pearl necklace and puff sleeves may not be your inspiration, there’s no denying that a well-cut, tailored suit that reflects your personal style, will ensure a unique look that oozes quality and if you choose, panache with your own hint of dash.

The Dali inspired designs are bold, colourful and made up in a durable, Super 100’s yarn with cashmere, and are simply stunning.

Scabal are not only famous for their brush with the late Salvador Dali, one of the world’s most famous artists, but their premium materials are also coveted by today’s A-list Hollywood stars, with Tom Cruise and Daniel Craig donning Scabal, and the ever stylish David Beckham’s morning suit at Prince William and Kate’s wedding was also from the designer brand of premium cloths.

For more information about the Dali inspired collection of cloths or the tailoring service available at Michelsberg Tailoring, please contact:

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