Saturday, 29 October 2011

Oliver Sweeney Women's Collection Preview

Oliver Sweeney Women's Collection Preview

Brace yourselves. There’s going to be some changes. There’ll be parts of our stores that are soon to look a bit more, erm well, pretty. Yes, they’ll have some unnecessary, flouncy items that will get in everybody’s way and sure, we’ll probably start to find hair grips all over for the carpet. But on the upside, the stores will probably smell a bit sweeter too.

Why? Because as of November we’ll be the go to place for women’s shoes too. Our first ever women’s collection is almost here, and trust us you should be excited. Made in the same Italian family factory with the same quality of materials, these styles are all built around a specially developed Anatomical Last™. We haven’t just made small men’s shoes you see. We’ve made them lower cut around the ankle (it extends the leg), and more elegant on the upper (making one feel a touch slimmer).

So why should you be so excited? Well, we’ve just made you the most popular man in the world this Christmas, that’s why.

Launching end of November.