Thursday, 6 October 2011

Here Comes The Bride….and Groom, at VQ!

A wedding suit and bridal gown may not be the chosen attire for a trip to Leeds’ Victoria Quarter for most weekend shoppers, but after a walk down the aisle, the newly married Mr and Mrs Newton included a wedding march on their special day, to Michelsberg Tailoring, to share their celebrations with the tailor who’d created Mr Newton’s wedding suit.

“They popped in to see me on their wedding day!”, beamed VQ tailor, James Michelsberg. ”It absolutely made my day!”

Judging from the picture, it was smiles all round and did Mr Newton like his tailored wedding attire? From the look on his face, it’s a safe bet, the answer is “I do”.

So congratulations to James Michelsberg on a job well done, but more importantly congratulations to the new….Mr and Mrs Newton.

Thinking of getting hitched or just in need of a suit that’s expertly stitched?

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