Monday, 18 March 2013

Easter Treats at Charbonnel et Walker

Easter Treats at Charbonnel et Walker
Charbonnel et Walker, purveyors of fine English chocolates, have a delectable range of hand-made Easter eggs for 2013, filled with signature chocolates and truffles. All eggs are beautifully presented in gold-embossed decorative presentation boxes.
Get on the Easter hunt:
Dark Chocolate Assortment Egg - A dark chocolate egg filled with Charbonnel et Walker’s signature dark chocolates.225g £22 / 450g £40
Milk Chocolate Assortment Egg - A milk chocolate egg filled with milk chocolates. 225g £22 / 450g £40
Dark Marc de Champagne Truffle Dark Chocolate Egg - A milk chocolate egg filled with decadent Marc de Champagne truffles. 115g £12 / 225g £22 / 450g £40
Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle Milk Chocolate Egg - Best-selling Pink Marc de Champagne truffles inside a milk chocolate egg. 115g £12 / 225g £22 / 450g £40
English Rose & Violet Creams Egg – Charbonnel et Walker’s world-renowned English Rose & Violet Creams inside a dark chocolate egg. 225g £22
Milk Chocolate Egg with Mini Eggs - A milk chocolate egg filled with speckled mini eggs. 115g £12
Mini Eggs Chick & Bunny Boxes - A handmade box in the shape of a bunny and a chick filled with milk chocolate speckled mini eggs. 150g £8.95
Chocolate Novelties - A hollow chocolate figurine chicken or bunny is a perfect treat for children - Available in white, milk or dark chocolate. 70g £6.50
Daffodil Fine Chocolate Selection - A beautiful handmade box filled with a selection of Charbonnel et Walker’s finest milk and dark chocolates. 310g £23
Milk Chocolate Novelties - Choose from a stunning array of chocolate novelties including giant chocolate bunnies. 200g £18 / 750g £75
Big Bertha - Celebrate Easter with ‘Big Bertha’, a chocolate egg weighing 27 pounds. This gigantic egg is hand made with finest English chocolate and hand decorated in a traditional Victorian design of spring blossoms and chocolate piping. Bertha’s vital statistics are: 31 inches in height and 67 inches circumference. Made to order 7.7kg £350 / 12.25kg £650.
Indulge this Easter at…….. Charbonnel et Walker,
19 County Arcade,
The Victoria Quarter,
T: 0113 245 2627