Monday, 17 September 2012

Meet Doug Hyde at Whitewall Galleries

Meet Doug Hyde at Whitewall Galleries

Saturday 29th September 2012

The BBC celebrated Doug Hyde’s success proclaiming that he is “The UK’s most popular living artist’.

See for yourself Doug Hyde’s impressive collection of work at a private view at The Whitewall Galleries, The Victoria Quarter, Leeds, to celebrate the launch of Vintage Hyde and meet the artist.

Although there is an enchanting new array of scenarios and concepts in this collection, Doug has remained in touch with the characters we have come to know and love, and these stunning original paintings and collectable editions will capture the public imagination like never before.

"I hope people can feel a connection with my work, and share the positive emotions behind it!” enthuses Doug. “I am passionate about my art and commit everything to it. I hope that those who buy my work feel the same emotion for it that I do; I hope they love it!"

Doug’s extraordinary rise from virtual unknown to the most popular living artist in the UK has been meteoric. His celebrity collectors include golfer Rory McIlroy and A-list actress Emily Blunt.

This new collection from Doug represents everything that is best in the world of contemporary art. Uplifting and accessible, it is also technically accomplished and aesthetically rewarding, a combination that has won this extraordinary artist many awards and many thousands of admirers. The love, joy, affection, humour or sympathy reaches out from each individual piece in a way that is almost impossible to resist.

To be a part of this very special event please contact:

Whitewall Galleries
10-12 Cross Arcade
Victoria Quarter
T: 0113 242 8138