Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Slaughter in the Quarter

Slaughter in the Quarter
From Wednesday 25th – Saturday 28th July, Victoria Quarter will play host to the undead, as zombie chase game 2.8 Hours Later takes place across the city.
The game has been staged in various locations in Britain over the last four years, including London, Bristol, Glasgow and Liverpool and requires players to move between a series of locations to escape the infected city by following clues to reach 'The Resistance', without falling foul of the marauding zombie hoard. The clues are obtained from survivors holed up in various locations around the city.
At the game start players are given a map and the position of the first game location. On arriving here, they interact with performers to discover the whereabouts of the next location. Players must move between eight sites to discover the position of the final location: The survivor camp.
The game has been attracting an increasing following in recent years, with now up to 500 players taking part each night.
VQ Centre Director, John Bade commented, “It’s always interesting to see the centre used in a less obvious way, and the 100 year old buildings that make up VQ did seem to lend themselves to the idea.”
“With the ubiquitous computer game dominating people’s free time these days,” he continued, “it’s refreshing to see one that actually requires players to leave their armchairs. Although the prospect of gangs of the undead roaming the streets is slightly un-nerving.”
The game runs from 19:00 to 23:00 each evening with each zone closed consecutively once all players have moved through. More information about 2.8 Hours Later can be found at: