Thursday, 9 June 2011

Festival Time

Line-up in style for a festival fashion-offLine-up in style for a festival fashion-off
Line-up in style for a festival fashion-off
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Moorcroft’s The Fairy Queen at VQ

Saturday 11th June 2011
Moorcroft Designer Emma Bossons FRSA (Art Potter)
signing her 15 year Queens Choice designs

Light refreshments served

James Macintyre & Co, Leeds VQ

Emma Bosson’s luxuriant imagination pours out in her design work, frequently following her ponderings on fairy mythology. This year marks the 10th anniversary of her renowned Queens Choice design that is described by many as ‘quintessentially Moorcroft’ and is inspired by the words of Titania, Queen of the Fairies, in Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Nights Dream, allowing Emma to craft two enchantingly stunning vases.

It seems that Titania wasn’t the only character to capture the imaginations at Moorcroft.

“At a school play at the age of 11 years, I was drawn to the character Puck from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’,” Catherine Edwards, Head of Moorcroft PR, explains. “Puck embodies Shakespeare’s deepest desire to connect with his audience and make them smile. Represented in many old legends and folk-tales, fairies are generally noticeable for their beauty, the same being the case with all their surroundings. Shakespeare’s poetry draws us into the honey trap of the natural world just as it was with the verse that inspired Queens Choice”.

For many months, Emma has been working on two special vases where honey-bags are stolen from bumble bees, glow-worms light up the design, and sun-kissed orange butterflies flutter gently amongst the succulent fruit of this Moorcroft classic. A sumptuous feast, including apricots, dewberries, grapes and green figs are captured in clay to be enjoyed by all.

The first vase is the inaugural use of the 85/11 shape, a larger version of a new shape first used in 2010 as the Collectors’ Club annual vase. Not even the inside of this artistic trumpet failed to escape Emma’s sensitive touch. Two butterflies literally flutter around its rim.
 The 85/11 Queens Choice (height 11”/28cm) vase comes as a numbered edition and is only available to order until 31st August 2011, priced at £880

The second commemorative vase is presented on an even grander scale. The RM3/27 (height 27”/68cms), and one of the largest pieces Moorcroft produces, is a true masterpiece of design, with no less than 15 butterflies dancing and fluttering among the colourful clusters of ripe fruit. The shape has not been used since 2006, when it was selected by Emma, as the lead piece in her 10-year design collection Hidden Dreams. Now celebrating her first fifteen years as a Moorcroft designer, Emma has reached new heights of artistic achievement with this glorious and prestigious vase.
The Queens Choice RM3/27 Height: 27”/ 68cms also comes as a numbered edition and will remain available to order after the end of August, priced at £9950.

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