Friday, 20 September 2013

Affordable Art Now Open

If you thought owning high quality original art was the preserve of the deep-pocketed uber rich, a newly opened gallery in Victoria Quarter is about to change your mind…

The gallery, which is extremely light and spacious, goes by the name of Affordable Art and sells only original paintings by many of the UK’s best selling contemporary artists. The gallery has over 20 established artists on show and plans introduce up and coming artists in the future, offering clients a unique opportunity to invest at ground level prices in works which can increase dramatically in value.

Affordable Art is the brainchild of father and son Chris and Paul Bryan, who run the business as a partnership.

During his early career Chris was a senior executive at Asda before establishing an importing company designing and supplying clothing to High street multiples. Chris followed this with the creation of his own menswear brand which was sold throughout the UK and Japan. At one time he was also a Director of the British Fashion Council.

Affordable Art paintings start upwards of £500 and average under £1000 for the fabulously vibrant floral compositions of Rozanne Bell, the UK’s best selling artist. Leading artists such as David Renshaw, Chris Chapman, Vic Gartside and Britain’s most exciting artistic pairing of Matthew James and Alison Miller also feature strongly in the collection.
A special mention must be made of Yorkshire born artist Nigel Cooke, whose landmark images of Leeds and other global cities have created tremendous interest.

As Paul says, “Ownership of an original painting provides not only visual enjoyment but an immense pride in having a work that is unique, something which cannot be said when you buy No. 56 of 100 limited edition prints”

Chris adds, “The new venture is a hugely exciting prospect, which brings original and highly collectable art to the general public at prices which are sensitive to the current economic climate.”

Affordable Art
Queen Victoria Street
Victoria Quarter
Tel: 0113 246 9499