Monday, 29 October 2012

Armani Exclusive Collection Arrives at Harvey Nichols

Armani Exclusive Collection Arrives at Harvey Nichols

You may not be inspired by these cold, winter days, but Armani’s Winter Collection certainly is.

Available at the Leeds Harvey Nichols store, the new season selection encapsulates the best of the shimmering shades and shadows of the Christmas season. From crisp white skin, to deep burgundy lips, the traditional Armani colour palette has been transformed by nifty technology that creates magnificent contrasts in texture, light and colour. The result is an undoubtedly elegant and timeless feel for the end of year festivities.

Get your hands on the All In One White Night Palette. A frosty highlighter, reminiscent of moonlight shimmers, paired with an eye and lip trio bound to make hearts race.

If this is what the winter brings, then maybe, just maybe, we can bear it a little longer.

For spectacular seasonal shimmer, Armani have the answer at……..

Harvey Nichols
107-111 Briggate
Victoria Quarter
T: 0113 204 8888