Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Touch Sensitive at Oliver Sweeney

Touch Sensitive at Oliver Sweeney
The new leather gloves Swipe is the latest addition to the Oliver Sweeney accessories range.
Swipe combines technology with style – a sartorial highlight for commuters and a must have on those winter mornings.

We’ve seen touch gloves before, but only those with the silver fibre insert on the forefinger, so Oliver Sweeney have taken a classic lambskin glove and combined it with TouchTec™ technology within the leather. The entire palm outer is conductive allowing you to use your touch screen device with ease and a microfibre fleece lining creates a snug inner.

As the first and only retailer currently selling this type of glove in the UK, Oliver Sweeney have really put thier stamp on it: tramline ‘S’ stitch detailing, a lime green corner insert on the left hand, an embossed Oliver Sweeney logo and construction stitching that makes an ‘S’ shape on the thumb.

Swipe gloves are £99 and are available from the Oliver Sweeney store in County Arcade.