Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tattoo Your Shoe at VQ

Tattoo Your Shoe at VQ

Ever dabbled with the idea of a piece of body art but just don’t have the bottle for a permanent piercing or a forever tattoo?

Well, Oliver Sweeney have the answer.

Saturday 17th December
visit the VQ’s luxury Oliver Sweeney footwear store and any shoes purchased on the day can be tattooed with a design of your choice…..think initials, a phrase or choose from an array of ideas.

Thinking about it? Well see for yourself at:

The Oliver Sweeney pop up tattoo parlour was a huge success at the brands Selfridges’ London event and doubled the sales of shoes from the creators that combine the energy of great British design with the consummate flair of Italian manufacturing prowess.

“The interest in the event was incredible”, explains Gavin Sleightholm, Manager of Selfridges’ Men’s Shoe Department. “Queues for shoes to be tattooed formed from the start of the day. We’re not sure if we can remember an event that has had quite as much attention as our Sweeney Shoe Tattoos”.

Customers certainly unleashed their creative side like never before and you can too, at the Leeds VQ event and just in time for Christmas.

“We’re really looking forward to the tattoo day here in Leeds,” enthuses Mark Selvon, Manager at the VQ Oliver Sweeney store. “It’s a great way to ensure a unique and personal shoe design, and a fantastic opportunity to perhaps pass on a message as a gift!”

Need some inspiration? So what have been the most interesting designs so far?

Plenty of initials and dates; presumably to prevent customers forgetting their loved one’s birthdays, but so far the winner has to be the one that the team at Oliver Sweeney just can’t show. Needless to say the expert  female tattooist was pushed not to blush!

It’s one of those things, as a teen you may have wrestled with the notion……‘shall I / shan’t I?’ when considering tattooing your behind. Well there’s still chance to go for it, well maybe not your behind. You can now continue to sit pretty but bare your sole with the next best thing!

So step inside Oliver Sweeney’s VQ store for the perfect and unique Christmas gift. Uppers or soles can be customised to your liking and there’s no fear of a telling off when you get home.

Yes, it’s shoeing and tattooing that won’t get you a doing at……..

Oliver Sweeney
38 – 40 County Arcade
Victoria Quarter
T: 0113 242 7864